14 Things That Happen When You Join Amazon Prime

Once upon a time I signed up for a free 30 day trail of Amazon Prime, and I’ve never looked back.

1. Family members hit your up to use it.

2. You can’t go into stores without hating life.

3. You declare if Amazon doesn’t sell it, you don’t need it

4. If you order something from a different website. You go into the 5 stages of grief waiting for the package to arrive

5. You buy so much random sh!t.

6. You come home to boxes at your door almost daily.

7. You literally have no idea whats in the boxes because you can’t remember what u ordered, due to #5.

8. Your significant other questions your income and your spending habits.

9. Your constantly trying to convince others to join Amazon Prime.

10. When your subscription expires you try to convince yourself that you can live without it.

11. You’re a sucker for the suggested items.

12. Even though they have the easiest return system ever. You still keep what you don’t want and just give it as a gift later.

13. The one day shipping has gotten you out of a bind more times than you can count.

14. You have at least one of Amazon’s credit cards.

17 Replies to “14 Things That Happen When You Join Amazon Prime”

  1. Never tried amazon since buying outside the country sometimes bring some hassles. Been checking some things to buy online but decided not to purchase at all.

  2. Life would be miserable witout Amazon Prime! Amazon definitely knows how to persuade people to buy, convenience is the money maker!

  3. I couldn’t live without our Amazon Prime. It’s so handy to just be able to point and click. Especially when I have kids that live far away. It’s easy to order things for them and have them shipped right to their door! Couldn’t live without it x

  4. Lol! I know that it is the experience for many having Prime. It really wasn’t my experience using it but then again there were very different dynamics. And I wasn’t worried about the shipping.

  5. Online shopping can be addictive especially if you are an Amazon Prime Member! I could relate to some of these and it’s crazy!

  6. I don’t have an amazon credit cards, and the only time I use amazon is to buy cd or old movie that i love and of course movie, but def i love how safe I feel knowing I’m getting my package

  7. Literally laughed my ass off as I read this post as everything is SO true! I’m the worst person for forgetting birthday’s, so I’m constantly ordering last minute gifts and hoping they come super early the next day 😉

    Louise x

  8. Haha! This list is hilariously true. Found myslef laughing and nodding in agreement especially with # 4. 5, 11 and 12. Especially #7 is the story of my life. Love me my Amazon Prime.

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