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I’m in love with my son’s nursery. It is actually his third nursery, smh, we’ve moved twice since he was born. Each time his room was a little different due to the size and layout of his bedroom. This one is by far my favorite!  

When I was pregnant with my son, I was asked several times what theme his nursery was going to be. I would always answer shrugging my shoulders that the theme would be “boy.” I didn’t really like the idea of tying myself down to a theme.  His bedroom decor includes hunting, fishing, cars, and trucks. I enjoyed putting my son’s nursery together more than planning my wedding! Hobby Lobby and Etsy were my go to places for decor.

My son is named after his maternal and paternal grandfather and great grandfathers.  Above his crib I have a picture of me with my late grandfather, and a picture of my husband with his late grandfather, along with items that represent them.  My husbands grandfather loved Ford Mustangs, and I found the Mustang hook at Hobby Lobby.  The hat hanging from the hook belonged to my grandfather. My dad put the pallet together for me with wood I found at Hobby Lobby, and I purchased the wooden monogram from an Etsy shop. I also got the key pieces of his bedding from babybedding.com.

Instead of buying the exact curtain that came with his crib bedding, I found some matching light blocking curtains at Bed Bath and Beyond.  These curtains truly make his room dark when needed.  I highly recommend light blocking curtains.  They have been a life saver, especially for nap time, and after day lights saving kicks in! Another must have piece is my son’s glider and ottoman. You cannot beat the price and its great quality. Our glider is part of our nighttime routine. I love rocking my son at the end of the day.

I love my son's hand made book shelves. I convinced my dad to build them and they are perfect for his reading corner.  I filled them with all the books I received from my baby showers.  Whenever someone gives my child a book I always ask that they write a little note on the inside.  It so fun to look back over time and see the little notes left for my son. And my son loves his little recliner, I suppose he thinks he's grown when he sits in it.

The ClosetMaid shelf and cubes are perfect for blankets, extra crib sheets, toys, and board books.  Babies have a lot of stuff and this piece has been perfect for organizing all of it without the clutter. 


Now my baby boy is a toddler and I've made a few changes to his bedroom.  He loves to sit at this table and play with cars or his play pots and pans, sometimes he even just points out the pictures on the table.


This busy board is my new favorite part of my son's room, I think he'd agree.  I used some left over peg board and different types of things he'd be able to manipulate.  He really enjoys the steering wheel and light switch.

Thank you so much for reading my post.  How did you decorate your child's nursery?


  1. karen from Lightly Frayed

    The handmade bookshelves are adorable – how lovely to have something personalized by someone you love.

  2. Eryn

    I love the shelves! I want my hubby to make them for our kids rooms! 💜

  3. kchristine518

    This is beautiful! And kudos to you for redoing a nursery so many times!

  4. Katie

    This nursery is so cute! I can’t believe you had to redo it so many times! Strong momma! We actually used a regular recliner we got at a yard sale instead of the typical glider in our son’s room just because new gliders are expensive.

  5. Chaos in Mommyhood

    I’ve got the same rocker! Can’t live without it. I absolutely love the book shelves! Such a cute boy nursery

  6. Holly @ Life on Southpointe Drive

    This room is so precious! I love the wall decor and the way you put everything together!! So cute, makes me want another!

  7. Dana

    Thank you!


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